an unimpulsive theme
salty rain.

society represses every mind that has the predisposition to espace into wonderful mind palaces and creativity, artists are hopeless dreamers till the very end, they are often emotinally sensible and intelligent, this leds to aversion towads life, its hardness and stressful reality. This is why almost every artist dreams of being in a better world, where everythings perfect for the one who created it. Being creative is the only way for dreames to reduce the stress and escape the naturally depression deep inside ourselves.
But we can't escape, that's the inner conflict we deal with: love life, the desire to have friendships, being accepted, to feel comfteable in public, to be happy to live. and then again to the other side of us, we like best.

I will never forget you Kaja, Aylin and Michelle.

I will forget you Nori